About us

The Okeanna Company was born when we discovered the Kingdom of Tonga for ourselves, fell deeply in love with this amazing place, and thought that Tonga might be worth your while, too.

We bring you a wondrous journey to the land of sky-blue waves and tropical greenery, to the country which meets each new sunrise ahead of the rest of the planet, and to its friendly folk who had never known the yoke of colonialism and have kept their centuries-old traditions of hospitality.

Okeanna is more than just another travel agency. As a family business,

we have the following advantages:

 • reliability and mutual trust among the staff;

 • long-term commitment to earning and keeping a good reputation;

 • understanding of our clients' needs, anticipating their wishes and

   resolving all possible issues in a timely fashion;

 • special attention to our clients and a warm family atmosphere.

Okeanna cares about its good name. When we invite you to Tonga, we open our doors and our hearts to you.


Malo e lelei / Good day (Tongan)


                     Vadim & Anna Shusterman, Okeanna Company

The Okeanna Company offers vacation options on Tonga Islands. Get away from the city noise, big crowds, polluted air and everyday routine – while enjoying all things necessary for comfortable R&R! Everything a contemporary vacation business has to offer, we make available to you at the land's end:

 • modern and cozy hotel rooms,

 • a cruise on a comfortable private yacht,

 • diving with a professional instructor,

 • a main island tour,

 • an airplane tour over the entire archipelago

We also provide guide services, information assistance, legal aid, insurance, and overall logistics support.

Okeanna is a local company. We are based in the Kingdom of Tonga and know everything and everyone here.

Taking a vacation with Okeanna, you can rest assured:

your experience is going to be only pleasant.

About Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago of 172 islands in the Southwest Pacific. It is known for mild tropical climate, pristine beaches, vibrant natural life, and authentic local culture. Most likely, you will need two days in order to reach this remote corner of the planet, away from the customary tourist routes – but you will not regret this trip!

Tonga welcomes visitors all year round.

• To this day, Tonga Islands are not yet besieged by noisy tourist crowds,

• to this day, going scuba diving in the coastal waters still means facing the

  magnificent fauna of the Pacific tropics instead of a bunch of fellow divers,

• to this day, the ancient hospitality traditions are still alive,

  and personal comfort of each guest is a matter of importance,

• to this day, a paparazzi lens is not yet peeking out from behind every

  palm tree, — so we invite you to seize this day and enjoy our secluded

  resort at the farthest corner of the earth.


Tahi, La’a, Matatahi / Sun, sea, beach (Tongan)


Traditionally, Tonga gives guests a sunny welcome. This means more than just the weather. Tonga Islands is an ancient center of Polynesian civilization. Here, Polynesian traditions and customs have lived on to the present day, thanks to the fact that the small kingdom has never been colonized.

A complex hierarchical system encompassing all aspects of local life lies at the foundation of Tongan culture. In the meantime, Tongans are an exceptionally open and genial folk. Most locals being devout Christians, Sunday church service is an important social event, and, according to the Constitution of Tonga, Sunday is a holy rest day. Members of local priesthood enjoy utmost respect of the population and often act as mayors in Tongan villages.

Delightful environment and authentic native culture certainly deserve a good look. A trip to Tonga is a fascinating adventure to the end of the earth, sure to broaden one's horizons!

Wedding services

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Wish your wedding celebration be like no other?

We at the Okeanna Company will be more than happy to help!

Celebrate the birth of your marriage (anniversaries count, too!) on the fairytale isles at the end of the earth,

in the kingdom where each new day gets born.


Diving tours

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The underwater world of Polynesian coral reefs is rightfully considered most resplendent and extraordinary. The friendly shores of the Kingdom of Tonga provide an excellent opportunity to take a good look at the radiant diversity of colors and to experience the kaleidoscope of emotions only a Pacific lagoon can arouse.

From €6600 for two, 15 days.


Whale watching

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Have you ever seen a real whale in close proximity? Would you like to? How about swimming by one? How about observing the way these giants live, love, tend to their little ones?.. A childhood dream come true: swimming along with whales in their natural habitat, the warm waters of the Southwest Pacific.

From €4000 per person, 12 days.


Yacht cruises

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One vacation idea involves a bungalow by the beach, another – the call of the sea. Leaving a wake on the surface of the sea, seeing the ocean floor through the clear waters, witnessing the birth of the rising sun from the waves on the horizon...Come on board and be the first on the planet to meet a new sunrise – you will never forget it.

From €5400 for two, 12 days.



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Begin your married life with a fairytale. Paradise for two on exotic isles – wouldn't it be the best start of your history together? Imagine yourself and your loved one on board a luxury private yacht, or in a separate bungalow by the water edge...

From €6300 for two, 15 days.







Concierge services

An Okeanna-style vacation in Tonga means personal assistance to the tee. Our meet & greet staff members will meet you at the airport and give you a local SIM card to make sure you can get in touch with our guide speaking your native language (so a cell phone might be a useful thing to bring along).

Throughout your entire vacation, you will be able to contact your concierge regarding upcoming events, logistical matters, or any other questions you might have.

Your concierge will be glad to help you with any of the following:

 • planning your time,

 • exchanging currency,

 • making necessary purchases,

 • calling a taxi, resolving legal issues.

Your concierge will happily explain to you local customs, help finding an interpreter and generally fulfill all your requests as long as it is physically possible. With Okeanna, your questions and requests will not go unanswered.


Lelei aupito / Very good (Tongan)


Tonga is anything but ordinary, and many things you are bound to encounter on Tonga Islands will be surprising to say the least. Here are a few curiosities.

Late King Tupou IV weighed about 210 kg (more than 460 Lbs) and liked to play balalaika. One of the most common types of trauma on the islands is bruised head – due to a fallen coconut. Tonga is the only place in the whole world where you can swim side by side, so to speak, with real whales – the females get very close to the coast in order to give birth. You may bring back home from your Tonga trip a full bag of similar extravaganza.

Let's not forget, however, that fancy experiences and curious facts are one thing, while uncommon aspects of everyday life can be quite another.

Your concierge will make sure that you collect only the pleasant surprises in your bag. Make a phone call at any moment to find out the exchange rates and good places to dine (and the no-nos, too) as well as directions to a spot of your choice and – especially important – from that spot back to your hotel.

You can ask your concierge about practically anything to get a meaningful answer. It is like having a genie friend in an exotic country!

Terms of service

The Okeanna Company always strives to achieve and maintain mutual trust in its relationships with clients. We will organize your Tonga tour in a way that will best fit your wishes and will make your Tonga experience positive, memorable, and safe. For your convenience, below please find the policies and safety procedures of the Okeanna Company.

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